Monday, December 26, 2005

Grandma & Grandpa Come for a Visit

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for a few days after Christmas as "their gift to themselves," which was a lot of fun for baby Josiah as well as for Heather & David.

Grandma helped Heather get the house a little more organized by getting various "organizational tools" for the living room and baby's room to clean up the clutter a bit. This included getting a 4 drawer filing cabinet for all my music, (yeah for that!) a couple of bookshelves and a side table to replace the dangerous bookshelf (sharp edges) that we had before, and for the babies room some Sterilite drawers for the closet to organize my craft stuff and one for the baby's clothes and another little shelf with tubs on it to put many of Josiah's toys and books.

It was a huge relief to get all this stuff organized and a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Grandma and Grandpa for this gift!

While Grandma and Heather were organizing, Grandpa had a lot of quality time with baby Josiah. He got to feed him squash and let him grab the spoon and "feed himself" as well as grab the bowl to lick out the remainder of the squash. This of course made for a very "squashy" Josiah to which Grandpa had a little cleaning up to do. It was very cute though. Grandma got her time in with baby J too though when she would read to him and play with him. Now he is spoiled and wants us to give him attention every second!

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