Saturday, August 12, 2006

Carpenter's 3rd Anniversary

David and I recently passed the 3rd year milestone in our marriage on August, 9th. To celebrate our years together, we spent the day exploring around Seattle. My parents graciously offered to watch Josiah at our home for the day while we were gone. We parked over by the Qwest field and then walked and bussed to various locations around Seattle. Now that David works downtown, he is familiar with the bus system as well as some nice places to visit.

First, we hit the McDonalds (as it was the only place open in the morning) to get some breakfast. I had eaten at 5:30am and he hadn't had anything yet, so we figured we would then have a late lunch at a classier place. Then we went to the Westlake Center and found a place that sold Bubble Tea. We used to get Bubble Tea at this place in Olympia when we were engaged and so that brought back some good memories. We also popped into Macy's and found a pretty dress for me that was even on sale! Now I have a fancier dress to wear should I play in a recital or go to a concert or something. Then we went down to Pike Place Market and saw all the sites and wares there. We saw a couple walking by this board (pictured above) and I saw that the gal had a camera in her hand and said, "We will take your picture if you will take ours." She said, "Sure," and it turned out we had the same exact camera. This incidentally was the only picture we took as we were busy spending quality time together! For lunch we went to P.F.Changs (a Chinese place) and had some very fine cuisine for a decent price! We had wanted to try this place when they put one in at the Lynnwood Mall, but it was always really busy.

When we were walking through Pike Place, we saw this little boy (a little older than Josiah I think) that was walking with his Mom pushing his own stoller as she was holding on to it as well trying to restrain him from pushing it into someone. He looked a lot like Josiah and I could totally see him doing that in a couple of years. I am told that I too used to prefer to push my stroller rather than to ride in it.

We also went to visit the new Seattle Public Library. It is truly HUGE and has lots of resources and various features that would impress all book lovers. We found out though that we can't get cards there because we live in Pierce County rather than King. We live right near the border of the two counties. Oh well!

We had a really nice time together and I was glad I made it through (we did a lot of walking) as I had (and still have) a bit of a cold. I love my sweetheart and he loves me too! We are still newlyweds after 3 years!

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Jimmy/Candace said...

Congrat's on your 3 year anniversary!!!!