Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fun in Seattle

Now that we live only 40 minutes away from the Walker Grandparents, Josiah gets to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Walker quite often. Every Wednesday, when Grandpa comes in to meet with his clergy group and when Grandma comes in to teach some lessons at
her school, they have made it their routine to stop by and get their baby pumpkin fix. If Grandma comes first in her car and Grandpa isn't close behind, Josiah gets concerned. He goes to the door and says, "Da Da?" looking for him. It is very cute. They love to play with him though and I am glad they have the chance to see him at this stage.

Today we went to visit my great Aunt Gen in Seattle. Josiah tried out her piano and he gives his approval that it plays very well and is in tune! He also says that white beaded necklaces are fun to play with. He actually pulled it off her neck at one point, but she said that it comes off that way anyway, so luckily he didn't break it! Josiah had a good old time roaming around her house though. He climbed the stairs (numerous times), inspected all the rooms, laughed at himself in the big mirror upstairs, and attempted to handle all her nice things to which Mommy and Grandma had to swoop in and rescue. He especially liked the smooth rocks situated among some candles she had and those captured his attention for at least 5 minutes or so (eons in baby time!)

Josiah's newest words are "CLAW" for clock, a very clear and pronounced "WOW" (used whenever planes fly overhead or some new things comes across his path that he finds impressive), "CAW" fo
r car along with the noise "Vrrooom" as he moves the car back and forth on the floor. He also calls most everything fun and interesting "DA DA" which tells me that he thinks his Dada is very fun and interesting! He only says "MAMA" when he is whining and wants something...so what does that say about me? No comment. Ha ha ha! He has said some other words, but not as a daily occurrence, so I will wait to record those until he says them more frequently. He understands a lot more than he says though and is able to fetch things for me and follow two part directions such as "pick up the ball and put it down the slide." He is very pleased with himself when he can do what we ask and claps for himself when we say, "good job." We have a very smart and cute pumpkin!

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