Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mariners vs. the Yankees

I was listening to the classical station one day and there was an advertisment for the Mariners/Yankees games at Safeco and so I suggested to David that we go to one of them since he is such a big Yankees fan. At first, he was reluctant thinking that he couldn't get off of work to go, but then he called me 3 days later from work saying that there was someone there who was selling tickets and that he wanted to go. It had been a long time since he had seen the Yankees in person, so it was a fun outing for him! A funny thing that happened was when the seating host took our picture. I said, "Would you take our picture?" and he motioned to David and said, "Well, you are going to have to take off that hat..." and David said, "I can't." And that was the end of that! :)

It was a packed house for the game and there were a lot more Yankee fans there than I had expected. We had planned to eat food at the game knowing full well that they severely overcharge for food and drinks, but oh well. David had a $4 water and I drank my $3.75 Diet Pepsi and for small ice creams we paid $4 each. Yikes! I won't even mention how much the food cost, it was ridiculous. I think it is LAME that you can't bring in your own food when the prices are so high. Maybe it would make some competition for the vendors inside to bring down their prices a bit.

David and I had a nice date though, enjoying the game until the very last out. We came on a night where the Yankees won, so that made for a happy husband as we left! It just so happened that the night before they lost and the night after they lost, so we came on the right night!

My parents stayed at our house to watch the pumpkin head and we didn't get home until real late because we rode the bus back to David's work to where our car was parked. (I had taken the bus into the game to meet him.) We missed one of the busses by a little bit and had to wait over 20 minutes for the next one. I was really tired and should have had something to eat because I was feeling a litle sick and light headed the more we walked and stayed awake. We got to see Seattle "at night" which was a little interesting at times. When we got home, my parents had their tall coffees "to go" as they left to drive back to their place. I told them they could stay over (as it was near midnight when we got home), but they wanted to go sleep in their own bed.

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Jimmy/Candace said...

I went to see the St. Louis Cardinals about a month ago. I don't recall who they were playing at the time, but as usual they won : ) I can't believe the part where there where so many Yankee fans(hard to find anyone to admit to such a thing hahaha!!!
I feel your pain about the prices, I had a $4.50 hot dog, $4.00 dr. pepper, and a $3.00 bad of peanuts. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, so that's all that matters