Sunday, August 13, 2006

Church Potluck

After church today we went to a potluck at the pastor's house. He and his family have this neat old house that they live in and the property has a barn and another side house for church functions. We also had church outside today because the senior center where we meet was being worked on. It was a nice day in the park and the Pastor's nephew and his band were touring around up from California and they led worship today. It was a really nice service!

After the potluck, the guys all starting getting into a water fight. One of the younger boys really wanted to do it and at first couldn't get the adult "boys" to join in. However, after David and some others got doused with some water, they were soon ready to exact revenge! Ha ha ha! Josiah thought it was all very interesting and just wandered out into the
playing field to see what all the fuss was. He got a little wet himself too off and on, but the guys were nice and didn't soak him. He was used as a shield a couple of times too! All the ladies were hiding out in the side house hoping not to get wet. I ventured out though to watch Josiah and since I was new and didn't run away screaming, I didn't get too wet. Though David had to get me in the back once just for good measure! It was an anniversary gift...a wet gift at that!

Josiah had the most fun playing in the bucket of water. I got some nice shots of him doing it too. This is what he likes to do with the dog's water bowl if I would let him. We had to drag him away from the bucket to go home. He only had a short nap before the potluck, so we thought it best to get him home for a nap after all the excitement. We are thankful to have such a neat group of people to fellowship with though. It is nice to have a place to fit in so quickly after our move to the west side!

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