Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall Fun & The Food Stealer

Echo (our dog) has taken to playing in the piles of leaves now that we have lots of them. She brings her ball over to the pile and drops it in so that she can then sniff it out again. Josiah gets a big kick out of her rustling around in there and has to come over and check out what is so interesting about the leaf pile. He periodically picks up the big leaves and chews on the stems of them. It is important to taste test them apparently!

Echo and Josiah are learning to get along in the back yard. Echo is still a puppy (about 8 or 9 months old) and so she sometimes gets a little too playful with Josiah and knocks him over. They fight over who gets to play with the basketball in the yard too. Josiah likes to either kick it around or pick it up and throw it and Echo will sometimes come by and knock it out of his hands or nose it away from him. This is VERY unpopular with Mr. Josiah. It is good “boy stuff” though for Josiah to play with the doggie.

Today, as my Dad was eating his lunch, Josiah kept stealing the fries right out of his mouth. My Dad would take one bite of the fry and Josiah would pull it away and eat it himself. Grandpa was laughing pretty hard as it tickled his funny bone when Josiah did this.

Something fun to mention too…in the morning while I do my Bible study, Josiah likes to climb up onto the chair where I am sitting and “help” me turn the pages and/or tweek my nose or poke me in the eye while I am reading. This is supposed to help me read more easily I suppose (according to Josiah). He will also grab one of his books which are usually close by and he will babble as he turns the pages (reading out loud I guess). He is very good at identifying most anything in his books now. He is a little sponge and keeps sponging it all up!

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