Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rocks, Blocks, & Slides

Josiah has learned how to go down the slide in the back yard now. However, his first few attempts were interesting at best. When he is at the top of the slide, he puts his left leg down, but neglects to put his right down at the same time and so manages to do the splits down the slide sometimes. Recently though, he has figured out how to manuever the right leg around as if he was going down stairs and just heads down the slide as you see pictured here. When we were at a playground the other day, he saw a little girl going down the slide (the normal way) and he followed her (I was on the big toy with him) going down in this same style. It worked well for him and incidentally it is safer, so I am not complaining! In the above picture he is saying, "Oooooo" which he does from time to time when he thinks something is really neat.

Today, Josiah had a "rock sandwich" during our play outside, to which I say at least 3 or 4 times "no eating" and then he throws it on the ground. We also played with the blocks and when we started putting them back in the box, Josiah thought that he would get in the box as well. He discovered towards the end that all the blocks wouldn't fit in the box while he was still in it!

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