Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yes, you read correctly, I FINALLY finished my quilt! Now granted, it is only a wall hanging quilt, but it still took a long time! I got the supplies for it and my sewing machine on my birthday of last year, so I managed to finish it before my next birthday! Lots of thanks to my friend Carrie who came over to get me motivated to do the actual quilting part. She and her mom Dawn have done some hand quilting and showed me how to get started on that. Originally, I was going to do machine quilting, but changed my mind as that means I am at my machine more and I like the hand work that I can do while I am hanging out with the family in the living room.

Since this is my first piece of work and there are many, many mistakes, I decided to keep it and hang it over our bed since it matches our comforter. It makes a nice center piece and it is very satisfying to know I made it. My next idea is to make a quilt for Josiah. I hope to make a square for each year of his life up to age 18 and then put them all together to give to him as a graduation gift. This may be a lofty goal, but it would be something special I could do for him. We will see if I can keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

Great job on your first wall hanging quilt. Now you have experience, I can come to you if I need help...lol. I like the idea of the quilt for Josiah, neat. Although if you have more kids, they will want one too. You will then have a lot of quilting to do my friend. love, Melissa