Friday, November 03, 2006

Josiah's Whiny Face

Josiah has taken to whining for things these past few months to which Mommy and Daddy are not very sympathetic. This is his "whiny face" (pictured above). He loves to be pushed on this little toy that he got from our friend's in Spokane (the Grahams) for his birthday. Sometimes he tries to push himself on it by moving his feet, but he hasn't gotten that down yet and sometimes manages to push himself off of the little car. It is funnier yet though to watch him try to get on it. He rides side saddle at first and can't quite get his other leg over. This usually ends in him tipping over the car and falling on the floor. He doesn't hurt himself, but cries for Mommy comfort anyway. He also likes to get behind this toy and push it around the house to scare Echo away. She doesn't like it coming toward her and runs the opposite direction when Josiah is using it. He gets a big kick out of seeing her avoid it and tries to run after her with it.

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