Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Trip to the Mall

As a family, we have started the tradition of taking Josiah to the mall once in a while to let him roam around and see all the neat things there. We go to the play area (as previously pictured in another blog entry) and we walk around with him and he likes to sit in all the little toddler "machines" like this Bob the Builder deal. We don't actually pay the money to make them go, he doesn't know any better...he just likes to sit in them and press the buttons and turn the steering wheels.

He especially likes it when Daddy takes him into the arcade and sits down at the car racing games and lets him turn the wheel. They usually have some simulation of the game running to entice you to play and so Josiah thinks he is really steering!

It is important to get in all the little toys though and so here is another shot of him in the little race car. He looks like he knows what he is doing in there. I guess we had better watch out when he turns 16!

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