Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had a really nice time at my parent's house for Thanksgiving this year. My brother Brent and his wife Katie came as well and we had a wonderful feast of food as well as some sweet times of fellowship together. We played "Cranium" after dinner, girls against the guys, and the girls won! Brent was miffed because "Mom never really tries to win at games, but she was the one answering all the questions!" I guess she just needed the right motivation to win against the guys! Ha ha! Anyway, we laughed and laughed and laughed at the various things that came up during the game. I can tell you a more detailed story if you would like a real belly laugh sometime.

As usual, Josiah knew he was the center of attention! He has been into hugging everyone lately and my parent's dog Torrie was no exception to that rule. He attempted to hug their cat (used to be my cat) Callie, but she would have none of it. David and Brent call her the "Evil" cat, but really, she is only friendly to "her people" who know how she likes things. I know some people like that too, but I don't call them evil! Anyway!

Then later Josiah had my Dad's cell phone and was walking around the kitchen holding it with his head onto his shoulder (like I do sometimes). I didn't quite catch that moment, but I got a similar moment in its place on camera. For some reason he likes to hold phones backwards. We give him the phone the right way and he turns it over to "talk" into it. He babbles things into the phone like Mommy does. Although, hopefully Mommy's babbling makes more sense to the person on the other line!

This was also the weekend that we got my Dad and my brother hooked on World of Warcraft (an online computer game). I let them try out a character on my account and now they have their own accounts and are enjoying the game. It is fun to see them online now once in a while and it gives us a fun thing to do with my brother and Dad as well.

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