Friday, November 03, 2006

Our Curtains Are Finished TOO!!

When we first arrived at our new place in July, I decided to make some curtains for our bedroom sliding glass doors since there was no window covering for them at the time. For the longest time we have had one of our blankets to block out the morning sun and heat of the day, but FINALLY the curtains I set out to make are finished! I got the material on sale at Jo-Ann's and made them using the rough design of the shower curtains that we have. It was fun to create them from scratch and I think they turned out pretty well considering.

For those of you with a discerning eye, I know they need to be ironed, but I was too exited to get them up to iron them! Maybe when my Mom comes over I will let her do it. She likes that sort of thing! :) She says that cleaning & helping is how she shows us she loves us! I say, "More power to you Mom...clean away!"

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Jee said...

Great job on the curtains Heather! They look great! I bet you are so glad!