Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy Mess

Every so often now I find things for Josiah to eat with a spoon. He prefers to pick things up with his hands still however. Having him use a spoon and bowl requires much more supervision of course, so that he doesn't end up covered in whatever food he happens to have in his bowl and/or dump the bowl over onto the ground! Really he likes to take the spoon and move the food around in the bowl rather than eat it, but it is fun to watch anyway. He doesn't seem to want to put the spoon in with the food on top, but will turn it over and then all the food ends up on his bib instead of in his mouth. As you can plainly see though, Mr. Josiah doesn't mind being covered in food gunk.


Jimmy/Candace said...

HAHAHA that is awesome.
I can't wait for all this fun to come. He is such a cute and happy baby!

Sharel said...

he looks so funny, in that pictue.
from Sharel