Friday, October 27, 2006

Picking Up Chicks

David took a personal day today in order to spend some quality time with the family as well as to give Mommy a break! The day started off by him letting me sleep in a little bit while he tended to the pumpkin head and then allowed me to have some “alone” time (are Mommy's allowed to have this?) in the morning as well just to do computer stuff and hang out in my room without a baby coming to turn off my computer while I was working. This was a very popular day for me and it got better as it went on.

Then we went to the mall and brought the baby to the play area to play with the other children. At first, he was just too tired to play (he was on the verge of naptime when we left the house) and one of the kids screamed loudly (in playful glee) and it scared Josiah and he started crying. There was some Daddy and Mommy comfort to be found though of course and he soon stopped crying. He then stood still looking at all the planes hanging above the play area and to also take in his surroundings a bit. After he felt completely sure of what he was getting into, he proceeded to play with the other children. I captured a cute moment when he and another little girl were standing on the fried eggs together (pictured above) as well as some shots of him climbing the bacon strips. Another funny thing happened when Josiah pushed a “shy” little boy out of his way (this boy wouldn’t play with the other kids at all) and then the shy boy poked him in the eye. Josiah didn’t get hurt, but apparently the shy boy wasn’t shy about defending himself!

After play time, we went and had lunch at Johnny Rockets (a neo 50’s burger joint) and then went home. Little Josiah was VERY tired by this point and took a nice nap when he came home.

To top the day off, David gave me some time to do some sewing and got most of the curtains finished that I was working on for our bedroom. My Mom came that night to visit with my Dad and she helped me put the finishing touches on the last curtain. The next day I got my quilt done, so I was quite pleased that I knocked out my 2 looming sewing projects in one weekend! While I was sewing, David did a “deep clean” of the kitchen, getting all the crumbs off the counters and doing a nice thorough job if it. I was very thankful for his help! It was a really nice day!

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