Monday, October 02, 2006

Uncle Jon's Visit

Uncle Jon came to visit us for the weekend and so Josiah had an additional playmate for a few days. Jon brought some clothes and things from Grandparents Carpenter including this cute pair of pajamas he is wearing in the picture. Thank you for the clothes Grandpa and Grandma! While Jon was here, Josiah took every opportunity he could to point out all the "duhguchs" in the house. "Duhguch" is his word for all the cars and trucks he sees. He is very emphatic about how he says it too! I think Jon enjoyed playing with Josiah and feeding him "kaw" otherwise known around here as crackers. Daddy got Josiah to do the sign language sign for "more" a few times for Jon to see as well. We had a nice time visiting with him and he also got to stroll around Seattle to take in all the sites one of the days as well. Thank you Uncle Jon for coming to visit!

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Sharel said...

Awwwww. thats so sweet.
from Sharel