Monday, October 06, 2008

Cute Boys Update

Recently, my mom got Josiah a fire hat and I managed to get him to pose with "Red" from the Cars movie for a fun photo. It just so happened he was wearing red too, so he matches!

Here is a shot of the babies sitting up and playing together today. They are both very adept at sitting up and can play well with things and not fall over. Caleb however, usually spies something off in the distance and purposely falls to one side so that he can army crawl over to it to inspect. Daniel is content to rock back and forth and play with whatever is in front of him for long periods of time.

The boys are really into feeding themselves now and Caleb especially digs this! When I spoon feed him the mushy stuff he isn't so interested, but put a graham cracker on his tray and oh man look out! He just devours graham crackers. Here pictured though he is eating some Zwieback toast, the first real finger food I gave them.

Here is Daniel giving a sly smile while he eats his toast. He enjoys the graham crackers too, but he usually likes Mommy to spoon feed him the mushy stuff even more. I will soon have updates on the boys measurements as we have a Monday doctor's appointment scheduled and then another trip to the Neonatal Clinic the very next day. I accidentally forgot to schedule their 9 month check-up, so really it will be there 10 month check-up.

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