Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Runny Nose X Two

So we are back in the sicky mode again around here. Daniel has had a cold since two Fridays ago and if he still has it by the end of this week, I will likely take him in to the doctor. I am hoping he is on the tail end of his now though as I only hear him coughing mostly in the morning and not much at all during the day. As you can see though he is running at the nose quite a bit still though! Caleb has manifested the cold in a little different way. He wakes up with nose junk encrusted all in his nose (he sleeps on his tummy) and his eyes are glued shut from the gunk as well. Other than that though and the fact that he sleeps a little more, he seems to be perfectly fine. He is still as active as ever, but periodically you will see this very tired look in his eyes and so I have been putting him down for naps more often this last week than usual. Thankfully, I seem to have already had this "version" of the cold, so I am healthy for the time being and David had a quick day of feeling sick and then was fine again. Josiah is healthy too and so hopefully he won't get it!

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