Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We have started a tradition now (a whole whopping 2 years in a row) where we to to the "Pairs at the Patch" event for the Tacoma Parents of Multiples group to which I belong. We went to the Peninsula Gardens in Gig Harbor this year and it was nice because they have the activities in a greenhouse area that isn't freezing cold, and so it is nicer for little babies and for the poor adults who hate the cold (me). This year many of the folks were out with their little cuties. It was funny because most all the infants happened to be dressed as some type of animal. Perhaps that is all that is available out there? Anyway, it was cute that we all were in theme and didn't intend to be. My mom found these Dalmatian costumes and said they were too cute to pass up. I have to agree on that one as I see them in them now! David had a Dalmatian named Sabrina before we were married and so it is appropriate that the little boys resemble his beloved doggie. Caleb's face in this one reminds me of a picture of Josiah at his first Christmas when we dressed him up as a little Santa and put a bow on his head. He appears to be saying here, "WHY are you subjecting me to the humility of being dressed in this silly costume?" And as usual our Daniel boy is smiling away!

I had to put this one in too because Caleb with his tongue out makes him look like a little doggie panting and it was just too cute! I have more pictures on facebook if you want to see them and I also have a link to snapfish if you are interested. David discovered when Daniel was smiling away again here that he has two teeth coming in the top now. It is no wonder he has been so cantankerous lately! Poor little guy!

Here is Josiah giving a nice, fake smile! This was the only posed shot that I got his face, so I guess I will have to go with it! Josiah enjoyed running around the hay maze, playing in the mini-pirate ship, and riding on the trailer for the hayride. At the end, we let him pick any pumpkin he could carry to take home with him. He picked a small one (similar to the one on his left pictured here) and when we got home he made the pumpkin his "buddy" and played cars with it, rolled it around, drew on it, and then had a nap with it. Yes, his pumpkin sat on his bed with him for his nap. He wanted to sleep with it at night too, but I decided against that one. I have been watching him roll it off the chair in the living room and am afraid that one of these times he will get a little too forceful and we will end up with pumpkin guts everywhere. Well, I guess this is my lot in life with three boys...messes, messes, messes!

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Daniel and Natalie said...

Awwww! Those pics are so cute! Things are so incredibly busy here, I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch better. The house is coming along and I still hold out for moving in before the baby...we'll see. ;) It's so hard feeling this baby get bigger and bigger and not wanting to put any more pressure on Daniel cause he's already doing everything he can...and more! He's an amazing man and a terribly hard worker. Well I'm glad you are having some fun times in the midst of the messes. When your a mother of boys I guess that even messes can be fun too!