Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Josiah's First "REAL" Lego Set

We decided that though the packaging says this Lego set is for "4+" that our little builder boy was ready for his first Lego set now. Daddy got out his Lego Star Wars collectors edition "Tie Interceptor" set and was getting ready to rebuild it and Josiah was fascinated with all the pieces and kept asking him, "Can we build it NOW?" and David said, "No, not right now. We will build it tomorrow." Josiah then replied, "Oh" rather dejectedly and then right away, "Can we build it NOW?" Rinse and repeat this conversation a few more times. This gave us the not so subtle clue that a Lego set of his own was in order.

The starter set we bought makes quite a few different building machines such as a dump truck, front loader, and roller. Josiah puts in requests for the other machines in the pictures that don't have directions, so Mommy has to use some ingenuity of her own to try and build these puppies from scratch with just a side shot to go on. Mr. Impatience doesn't like to wait for Mommy to actually build the more difficult machines and she often gets interrupted and has to start over when the Lego creation falls apart over and over.

The Legos have kept Josiah very occupied though I must say, even though he hasn't really built much of his own per se. He plays with the creations that David and I make though and insisted on bringing them to bed with him as well. Today he took a long flat Lego and then filled it up with colorful blocks and brought it over to me and said, "Can we bring this to the fair Momma?" When we went to the Puyallup Fair this last year, he saw all the Lego entries at the fair. It was so cute that he wanted to enter his first little creation!

A few more lovelies from him this week are as follows:

I wasn't feeling well one day and told him, "Oh Josiah please pray for Mommy, she feels really bad." He said, "OK...Dear Jesus, thank you for the world...and pray Mommy feels better."

His Thomas the Train bed was falling apart and we decided to take up my mom's offer to take their extra twin bed for Josiah's room. We had to rearrange his room to make it fit properly. We could tell that he wasn't too keen on seeing his room rearranged. A couple days later, he started pointing around the room and told me where everything used to be. IE: Table goes there, dresser goes there, etc. I asked him, "Do you like your new room?" And he promptly responded, "NO!" Hey at least he is honest, right? Such a sweet little loving-routine pumpkinhead!

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