Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Recent Josiah-isms

I have no picture for the moment as I already posted the most recent one of Josiah in his fireman hat holding "Red" the firetruck a few posts ago. However, I thought I would jot these lovely exchanges down for posterity before I forgot and/or lost the little piece of paper I wrote them on!

Tonight, we were praying together and I prayed for him and then asked him to pray. I kindly "suggested" that he should ask Jesus to help him be a good boy. He actually did it! Then he went into the following story: "Jesus came into my eye and told me I couldn't play with the tractor and that I should play with 'nother toy." Translation = Mommy has been trying to help Josiah with "other options" to cope with a situation when he gets angry or frustrated and he was including Jesus in on helping him too. I am hoping He will have better luck...and since He knows Josiah better than I do, I know He will! :)

A new fun activity is heading into "Daddy's room" AKA "Mommy & Daddy's room" and jumping on the bed (which as a side note always seems to change my number on the sleep number bed, so I have to do a number check every night before bed after a jumping session). Daddy can also get Josiah to dance around, but only if the circumstances are just right. Here is an example:

Daddy: Josiah, what kind of music do you want?
Josiah: I want fast, fast music (or sometimes it's "woud, woud" --that's loud for those of you unfamiliar with 3-year old terminology).
Daddy puts on some "slow" music instead.
Josiah: That's sleeping music Daddy, I want WOUD music!
Daddy: Don't you want to dance to some sleeping music?
Josiah: No, that makes me bored. (Here there is a difference of opinion as to what he said. I seem to recall him saying, "That makes me boring." But either way, I still think it is funny.)

Another fun one was Josiah hollered at me the other day, "Wook (look) Momma, I'm doing exercises! (He was bending over and touching his toes.) I am bending my part!" He also used to say and sometimes still says when he hurts himself somewhere, "I hurt my body, Momma!"

Lastly, this is one I truly cherish. When he is feeling particularly lovey, dovey with me he says, "I love you Momma, you're my best friend." That is a sure fire winner for a smile from grumpy, tired Momma!

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