Friday, November 25, 2005

Airplane Sound for Oatmeal

Although Josiah isn't the greatest at sitting up yet, he can sit pretty well in his high chair and so we have started feeding him in it so that he will get used to eating there. He is wearing a bib that Grandma Betty gave him that says "New kid on the Block" and he is too when it comes to eating solid foods!

David fed him a pretty good sized bowl of oatmeal with banana (the baby version kind) and he seemed to like it. He would open his mou
th really wide (see picture
below) when David would make an airplane sound as it came close to his mouth. David tried other sounds, but it was only this SPECIFIC sound that would make his mouth open. It was pretty funny!

Also...Josiah likes to "help" with his hands, so you can see that Daddy is holding his hands so that the helping doesn't interfere with eating. When Mommy has tried to feed the baby, he will almost always get oatmeal all over his hands at some point.

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