Friday, November 04, 2005

Wild Sleeper

So when we put baby in the crib, his head is right behind Mr. Peter Rabbit on the head board, but he has demonstrated that he has a better way to sleep and that is sideways! When I woke up this morning to change and feed him at 5:50am, this is how he was only with one sock off (he likes to work them off his feet quite often). Then when David came in to get him at around 7:10am, he was back in this position again.

I guess he takes after Mommy in that he is a wild sleeper! My mom said she wouldn't share a bed with me as a child because I would kick her and such.

When he was sick, we would prop him up with a pillow and put his sheet on the pillow and would lay him on it. He would work his way down off the pillow and the sheet would flip over onto his head. We discovered this because he made miserable "come fix this mess" baby noises following this occurrence. That also was pretty funny to see our little "ghost" baby.

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