Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Fun

This year we went to Cheney, WA again for Thanksgiving and celebrated with many relatives on my Mom's side of the family including: Uncle Mike, Aunt Genny & their kids Kalen, Erin, & Lauren; Uncle Dan & Aunt Sharon & their daughter Suzie (Suzie's sister Sarah celebrated with her boyfriend's family); Grandpa Hal & Grandma Betty; and of course my Mom and Dad wouldn't miss seeing little Josiah on his first Thanksgiving!

He was definitely a hit as he was the only baby for miles (literally
as they live way out on a farm and was pretty good considering he was passed around to most everyone there.

As usual, Mike and David had a sport's feud as David cheers for the Cowboys and Mike doesn't. They have an ongoing baseball feud too as David is a Yankees fan and Mike and his family cheer for the Mariners. It is not that David doesn't like the Mariners, however, when they play the Yankees he cheers for his team.

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