Sunday, November 13, 2005

Recital for Students!

Today was the big day for all my students. There were 19 of them that performed today (though one is not in the picture). I was really proud of them that they all played through their pieces without stopping. We still have to work on bowing with some of them, but that is OK!

We had cake, cookies, & nuts with pink lemonade & 7 UP punch for the reception. It was held at Spokane Valley Baptist Church.

It was really nice to have a big recital again. The last time I had this large of a
studio was when I was in high school! Since I have moved around so much, it seems that just when I get a good number of students I am moving again. We hope to stick around here for a while though, so I hope that it works out that we do. God may have a different plan for us though, and I am open to whatever he has for us and know that he will provide the students for me wherever I go!

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