Saturday, June 24, 2006

Brent & Katie's Wedding

Today we went to my brother Brent and his bride Katie's wedding. It was held in Prosser, WA at this bed and breakfast location called the 4 Seasons. The ceremony was held under the shade of some trees on the site.

I played my flute accompanied by my Aunt Debby for the prelude music. It was nice to see family and friends that we hadn't seen in a while as well as of course see my brother get married.

The colors were pink and white (pink is Katie's favorite color). We had a catered buffet dinner afterward, which was really good. A friend from Benton City (who used to go to our church there) volunteered to feed Josiah some dinner, which I gladly accepted. She was impressed that he would sit with her for so long away from his Mommy.

Not many people got to witness the cake being cut as the cake was melting in the sun and had to be moved inside the air conditioned house. Brent was the "nice guy" and fed Katie a small little piece that she ate without getting anything on her. Katie then took a nice big piece and got it all over Brent's face. It was pretty funny.

David and I have committed to pray for the new couple, that their marriage will be a good one. We will pray that in all things they might seek the Lord's counsel and that as they grow older that they might also mature in their walk with Him. We also hope that they know that if they need anything that we are here for them. Congratulations Brent and Katie!

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