Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Professional Gig

Once again I have found a way to make a non-baby post! It is rare, but it does happen on occasion! My friend (Ann) pictured on the left asked me and this other gal (Valerie) to play in a flute trio for the Idaho Music Teacher's Meeting. Every year, they have a combined meeting with the Spokane chapter and ask lots of people to play and then they have a lunch following.

All three of us teach piano and flute in the area and it was fun to talk shop as well as play together! We played "The Song of the Lark" by Tchaikovsky, "Allegro" by Johann Joachim Quantz, and "Scherzetto" by John T. Chrissey. We discovered after some research the The Song of the Lark was originally a piano piece, but it works much better for piccolo and two flutes. Ann so graciously loaned me her piccolo, which plays MUCH nicer than mine! Both Valerie and I researched John T. Crissey, but couldn't find anything due the fact that he was a contemporary composer. I found some guy by that name that wrote a book on dermatology and Valerie found some guy by that name that was born in the 1700's. Before we played it we told the audience to decide if he was the dermatologist or the guy born in the 1700's as a joke. Afterwards, a guy responded, "I think he was the dermatologist." It was pretty funny.

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