Saturday, June 10, 2006

Helping Mommy Pack

Today as I was doing a puzzle (taking a break from packing), Mr. Josiah went exploring . He found the box of packing materials and found a way to open the hutch door even with the box in front. Once the door was opened he attempted to shimmey around the box to the other side but got stuck. So he decided to climb over the box instead, but upon attempting to climb over the box he got stuck in it. This is great boy stuff don't you know! So far, I don't think Josiah suspects anything weird is going on (in regards to the move) because his room is still in tact! Oh and by the way...for those that don't know yet--we are moving back to the west side of Washington on July 1st. We are still working on where we will be, but we are pretty certain at this time and we just have to sign the papers. Once we do that, then I will send out our new address to all of you via email.

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