Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello To Daddy!

We have discovered that Josiah loves to turn things over to look at the bottoms of his toys, and when finding new toys at friend's houses (such as here at Colton's house), he makes no exception to this rule. Here he has on what we call his "thinking face" with his lips pursed and he is spinning the wheels on this push toy.

For those of you who don't know yet, we are moving to the Seattle area on July 1st. David got a job there and has been working over there since June 12th. This means that a little pumpkin has been missing his Daddy and Mommy has been missing her husband these past few days! I have been informed by the Daddy that I have been neglect in my posts and so I am trying to make up for it today by making 2 new posts for him.

Today when Olivia came over to visit I was trying to show Renie (her mom) how Josiah does the "where?" pose whenever I ask a "where?" question. It is when he puts his hands out to the side (palms up) like I do when I ask something like "Where is Dada?" So I said just that today to see if he would do it, and rather than doing the pose, he immediately started crawling as fast as he could to our bedroom (where David has his computer set up) to find Dada. The door was slightly ajar and so he pushed it open only to find that Dada wasn't there. I immediately felt really bad that I asked that question and got him so excited. It did prove however, that Josiah knows where Dada is and that he indeed misses his Papa!!

Tonight, we went over to Chris and Kim's house for dinner and Josiah and Colton played together as they often do. Josiah was getting pretty sleepy though around 7:30pm, so we left and he fell asleep in the car. I transferred him to his crib when we got home with no trouble, but then later I went in to check on him before I went to bed and found him in the following position. It was too funny! If you look back in the November 2005 archives, there is a shot of him in the same spot only with his head on the opposite side. You can see how much he has grown now that his feet stick out the slats. He is soon to be one on the 27th!

Josiah says, "I love you Dada...can't wait to see you next Tuesday!!!" Mommy seconds that motion, but substitutes David for Dada!!

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