Sunday, June 18, 2006

Piano Recital

Today I hosted the last recital for my piano students before moving to the west side. It was bittersweet to hear them play knowing I would be leaving them behind soon. I have gotten to know them quite well and have enjoyed hearing them progress over the past year and sincerely hope that they will find a new teacher to continue their studies.

All the students played from memory and did a great job! I was proud of them for getting through their pieces without stopping and playing through their mistakes. I h
ave told them that being a good performer is not about playing perfect, but rather learning how to perform as if they "meant to do that!" It is a tough skill, but all good performers seek do it!

And you know I can't resist posting yet ANOTHER picture of Josiah! This is a shot of him playing with the wheelbarrow at my friend Janeen's house while I was at the recital. She was nice enough to feed us both lunch after church and watch him afterward. She has a portable crib that he was able to take a nice nap in for most of the time, but then he got to explore her back yard which was VERY popular! Soon he will have his own backyard to explore. Our new house where we will be living has a large back yard with a few fruit trees and lots of grass to roam around in.

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