Friday, May 30, 2008

Glutton for Punishment

Hello All, I am writing to you again with yet another (count them now 4 in 4 months) illness. I am pretty sure it is another sinus infection, but who knows. The most annoying part about it all is that even if I do go to the doctor (which incidentally I tried to do tonight but it just so happened the clinic open until 10pm was closed early for a staff meeting) they won't give me anything much to help because I am nursing. The last time I was given Amoxicillin, which seemed to help but apparently didn't fully rid me of my infection 'cause here it is back again. I feel like quoting the Terminator here, "Ahhll-be-bahhk!!" It seems my body is acting out that commercial for Musinex where the mucous makes its home in my sinuses and instead of getting fully kicked out, it leaves behind a baby mucous to torment me after it is fully grown. Ugh!!! Perhaps I should just have the resolve and have the expectation that every month around the last part that I will be getting sick again and then it wouldn't bother me so much? And might I add that my sinus surgery in March 2007 was supposed to make it so I don't get sick constantly? Oh and another fun tidbit, the doctor who did my surgery is pawning me off on my OBGYN and Family Practice doctor 'cause they don't feel comfortable prescribing for me because I am nursing. UGH!!! I suppose I could force the issue and make an appointment, which likely would be 2 or 3 weeks out when I am well again and don't need the appointment.

After all that...please pray for me. This is all very frustrating indeed and I am up at the lovely 2:00 AM hour today because Caleb woke up briefly because he was squiggling down his seat and got the blankie over his head. I fixed him up and gave him a pacifier and he fell back asleep after I already got his bottle ready and such. Well, I guess it gave me an excuse to write a blog post and take another Sudafed before trying to sleep again only to wake up around 4:30 again to feed the boys. Maybe they will sleep until 5 AM or perhaps 6 AM...yeah pray for that! (Amd by the time you pray they will already be up! Hee hee!)

Anyway, in my self pity I will now dutifully quote James (which I am working to memorize) "Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds, because the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." I am determined to learn something through all this illness. Whether it be patience in annoying circumstances or something else I don't know, but with the Lord's help I will learn it! Blessings to you all! Thanks for your prayers!

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