Saturday, May 24, 2008

Josiah's First Emergency Room Visit

This picture is of Josiah in the emergency room today (sorry for the camera phone quality). He was standing on the bench in our dining room at home looking at Caleb and somehow fell off the bench (which he often falls without incident I might add) and managed to cut his bottom lip open (as you see in the picture) and also cut his upper lip inside as well as damaged the gum above his upper teeth. When it first happened, blood was gushing everywhere and we weren't sure if it would stop doing so. We called our friend Laurie to come over and watch the babies so that we could go to the emergency room to see if he needed stitches. We both opted to go in case he started bleeding again that we could monitor that as we drove. Thankfully, it didn't start up again really heavily and he settled down after a while. As it turns out, the doctor says that these sorts of mouth injuries heal very well on their own and his main concern was to feel the teeth to be sure they were OK and they were fine! We were glad that he was fine and that there was no need for stitches!
He was a very good boy for the doctor and behaved very well at the hospital even though it was well past his bedtime. Now it is my bedtime too! Goodnight!

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