Friday, May 30, 2008

More Fun Josiah-isms

I have been collecting some fun Josiah sayings for a while now and thought I would share them with you now. One thing he has been doing lately is when he does something successfully afterward he will say, "That's how you do it!" very matter of factly.

The other day he wanted me to tell the story of "Mater and the Ghostlight." He lines up all his cars in a long line and puts both his Sheriffs on the other side facing all the cars. Then he says, "Momma, tell Mater and Ghostlight." So I started to tell it and with a funny voice I said, "Once upon a time in Radiator Springs there was a mysterious blue glow..." Then I started laughing really hard and he started laughing too. Josiah then points at me and says with a mustered up serious face, "Don't laugh, Momma. Tell story!" I attempted to tell the story and started laughing again and he tried to make me serious again. We had a lot of laughs that night before bedtime!

We were reading one of his I-Spy books and he pointed out a little figurine and it went something like this:
Josiah: It's a boy. What's name?
Me: I don't know his name. You can make it up. You tell me what his name is.
Josiah: Trentrome.
Me: Trentrome?
Josiah: Yeah, Trentrome. He's a man. He has a sword. He's bad man. He hates bears.
(As a side note, we watched Brother Bear on the Disney channel the other day, so the hating bears part probably came from that show.)
Josiah then points to the figurine again.
Josiah: This is Daddy.
Me: I thought it was Trentrome?
Josiah: No, it's Dada now!
Me: What does Dada do?
Josiah: He works.
Me: Where does he work?
Josiah: At work.
At this point, I tried to get him to say "Pemco" as that it where Daddy works.
Me: Can you say Pemco?
Josiah: NO, I can't say that.

Today's dialogue this morning:
Me: Mommy is an adult. You are a kid.
Josiah: I am not a duck!
Me: No, silly I didn't say you were a duck. Mommy is an adult, you are a kid.
Josiah: I'm boy!
(I eventually got him to pronounce the the word "adult.")

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