Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Times!

Sorry for being slack in the blog department, but it was partly not my fault. I went to a Tacoma Parent's of Multiples tea party for new moms the day before Mother's Day and actually brought my camera, but the gal taking the pictures accidentally dropped it before I was able to get any photos. Incidentally, my hubby fixed our camera when I got home, so I was glad it wasn't permanently damaged. Also for Mother's Day, my sweet hubby got me an Ipod Shuffle, which is just a quarter-sized Ipod with no screen that you can load songs, podcasts, etc. on that I could use at the gym while I worked out (and yes I bring the whole crew with me to the gym--the boys stay in their carseats in what is lovingly called there "the baby bus"). The first day I brought the Ipod to the gym I was being careful not to leave it in the kid's room and put it, my kid's card, and a pacifier in the cup holder of the baby bus. I put the boy's in the SUV and these VERY loud dogs were barking their heads off in the car next to me and Josiah was already whacking Daniel in the face. In my haste, I collapsed the stroller and neglected to empty the items I had in the cupholder and so they ended up on the ground. I didn't notice this error until later when I wanted to listen to my Ipod. I called the gym and they found the kid's card (which had my kid's names on them and the name of the gym if the finder had any compassion to return the Ipod to its rightful owner) and the pacifier on the ground, but perhaps not surprisingly the Ipod was gone. This little loss pretty much ruined my whole day as I felt like a total idiot for losing it. Thankfully, my hubby was understanding and said that maybe next month he could get me another one to replace it. To finish off our Mother's Day fun, we delayed and made a date for the following Saturday since we wanted to see the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian movie. We went to this place in Federal Way called the "Thai Bistro" and then to the movie. The food we had was super yummy!! I had these rice noodles with broccoli and this very good peanut sauce. Afterward, we shared a scoop of coconut ice cream. We had a really nice talk and it was good to be out without the kiddos for a little bit. And I was the hero at the movie theater and saved my hubby from melting into the chair!! It was super hot as they didn't have the air conditioning on in the theater and I went and asked them to turn it on. About 10 minutes later or so, we started to feel the cool breeze. My poor honey was so hot that when I tried to hold my hand he waved me away saying he just couldn't take any more body heat. Some date, hugh? Just kidding! Anyway, it was much better after the AC had a chance to circulate.

I plan to post a picture of the twin mom's tea party when I get the photo from a fellow twin mom, but these photos are of my Mom's b-day. After the nice lunch and movie with my honey, we went to dinner with my parents, Josiah and my brother to celebrate my Mom's special day. She loves Red Lobster, so we went there to eat and then afterward came home to have a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

My Dad was being silly and taking the cucumbers from his salad that he didn't eat and putting them on his eyes as you see pictured here. He tried to do both eyes, but they kept falling off. Josiah thought this was hilarious of course! The twins stayed home with a babysitter for those of you who were wondering. We find it is hard to relax at a restaurant having to monitor two babies and an almost 3 year old. I am sure you all can understand!

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