Friday, May 02, 2008

Our Silly Boys

Here are another two comparison photos of Josiah (1st picture) and Daniel (2nd picture). I just put Daniel in this same outfit today and thought I would try to get some similar shots of him. Daniel will actually smile really big for me, but when he sees the red light of the camera he immediately gets a more concerned look as you see he has in his shot. In Josiah's photo he is a little over 3 months and in Daniel's he is almost 5 months old. To me however, though they look similar, Daniel's face is a little fatter and perhaps it should be considering he is a little older in his photo!

David let Josiah wear his headphones today and had him listen to some music on his mp3 player. He appeared to be in this funny trance as he was listening, that we captured here on film. Another funny thing that happened with him today was that David was reading him his favorite I-Spy book and for a joke said, "Where is the flying rhinoceros?" (which of course there was none) and Josiah replied with, "Lu-Lu flies." Now those of you who watch any Nick Jr. with your kids will maybe know of the cartoon called, "Ni-hao Kai-lan." On this show, they have a rhinoceros that carries a balloon and flies around named Lu-Lu. So I say, "Josiah--ONE, Daddy--ZERO" on that joke! David had no clue as to what Josiah was telling him, so luckily I was there to translate!

Our little Caleb boy gave us a real chuckle today too when he worked himself really far down in his car seat (as pictured here) and managed to fall asleep that way all the while holding onto his rings! Incidentally, this must not have been very comfortable as he did wake up at some point and I had to re-wrap him and set him back up in the chair more. It was very cute though! He is a our little squirmy one!

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