Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank You Podee Bottle!!

So I finally got one of those Podee bottles here recently. My Mom and I were at Babies-R-Us and I finally redeemed the remaining gift cards we had there to purchase some needed items for the babes. This little invention however, has made the biggest impact on streamlining the feeding process yet. It makes it so I can breastfeed one and let the other feed himself. It is a HUGE time saver for me especially at night time. The gals at my Tacoma Parents of Multiples group had recommended these to me for a long time, but for one reason or another I never got around to trying them. The only down side to these is you have to remember to stop the process and burp them during the feed or you will end up with a large amount of spit up afterward. What I have done is to burp Daniel before switching sides and then set him down on the couch and get Caleb out of his chair to burp him also and that works very nicely. I highly recommend to all you multiple moms out there and even moms with more kids to care for to try this as it has been a huge help. I might add that they have a modifier kit that works with many types of other bottles than the Podee brand. Here pictured is Caleb chowing down with an Evenflo bottle and the Podee attachment.

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