Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Will the REAL Sudafed please stand up?

Maybe some of you already know what I am about to reveal, but for those that don't I will tell you this is a gem of revelation that I wish I would have figured out earlier!

In my quest to get some quality sleep, uninterrupted by violent coughing and/or massive sinus drainage, I made two little jaunts yesterday. One was to the doctor, who deemed that I do indeed have a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics (yeah!) and the other was to the pharmacy to get the prescription filled. I got to talking to the pharmacist about the difference between the nighttime Sudafed and the daytime version. He said that all Sudafed products are non-drowsy because they are stimulants (hence the reason the drug dealers bought it in mass quantity for harvesting) and that the nighttime stuff adds some anti-histamine to make you drowsy. Then it got me thinking to ask about the difference between the Sudafed I buy over the counter and the stuff they had behind the counter. He told me that that the literature he has says that the current Sudafed blend (without the drug the drug dealers want) is supposed to work just as effectively, but the the people taking it have complained that it isn't as effective. Then I began to reflect that though I had been taking this "new" Sudafed throughout this whole ordeal that it really hadn't helped all that much. This lead to the realization that perhaps I should sign away my life (not really, but it seems so) to get the behind the counter "old" formula to see if indeed it would help.

Can I say....NIGHT and DAY? The minute I took the "old" blend, it dried me up so much that I had to get a cough drop to wet my throat! AND, I was able to breathe clearly through my nose without any congestion. This combined with the twins not waking until 3:15am equated to me getting 5 1/2 hours of straight, solid sleep. What a difference that made! So instead of sitting here in bleary eyed, coughing up a lung, nose running torture, I am dried up and ready to go back to bed after their feeding right away! And perhaps I will get to it now!

So here's to the "old" Sudafed that actually works! Thank you all for your prayers and I hope I am on the road to feeling normal again soon!

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