Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Josiah-ness Monster

After Josiah's bath the other day, there were LOTS of bubbles leftover in the tub and he refused to get out as he wanted to slip and slide and play with them before getting out. I eventually had to hose him down with the shower head, which resulted in him slipping and falling and bonking his head which was not popular at all! Thankfully, he was OK and didn't even really cry, but he did want to get out finally! In the above picture, he was saying "I'm monster!" and was trying to get me.
Daddy caught this lovely shot the other day soon after Mommy had been feeding the baby boys. Josiah said, "Look I'm feeding babies!" I think this must be an older brother thing to do because another fellow twin Mom had her son who did the same thing with her nursing pillow as indicated on the link below.

Josiah is growing by leaps and bounds and his language is getting more and more precise. We have been amazed at his progress of late.

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