Tuesday, April 29, 2008

King Grandpa

When we went to MOPS the other day, Josiah made this crown. I asked him what the story they read to the group was about and he said, "Kings." A very non-descript explanation, but to the point I guess! He also told me that he put jewels on the crown, which apparently was important to him.

He wanted Grandpa to wear the crown and then he wanted to wear it and then Daniel wore it too. This was the best of the three versions of this picture!

This morning my two baby boys were up having some wide awake times together and I even have this shot of Caleb smiling and Daniel more serious, which is a rare moment. I am beginning to see that Daniel has his Daddy's eye shape and that Caleb has my eye shape as they have gotten older. I also noticed that Caleb has my ears as well, a realization that came to me when I pulled my hair back the other day and saw the resemblance of my slightly pointy ears to his.

Here is another cute shot that exemplifies in my opinion how different these boys look. Even with the weight difference they have such different features, it seems pretty obvious to me that they are fraternal twins.

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