Friday, April 11, 2008

Serious Business

This is a shot I have entitled "Serious Boys" and I am sure you can see why. I took it at a time when I think both were ready to go sleep and so they were on an energy low perhaps! These are now 3-6 month outfits, so they are officially in "their size" for their age! Incidentally, I think Josiah was in 6-9 month clothes at this stage, but oh well! They are both on the normal weight scale now just barely for their age.

Here it looks like Caleb has either seen an alien being off in the distance or he is concerned because he is bonking heads with his brother. As usual, Daniel is not phased by either scenario! It is funny though because Daniel is the one that startles the easiest when there is a loud or unexpected noise. He in fact cries very miserably when he gets scared. We would think that it would be our jittery, squirmy Caleb that would scare easily, but he isn't bothered too much by loud or unexpected noises.

I thought I would include this wide shot of our handsome boys in their cute outfits. We went to MOPS today (Mother's of Preschoolers) so they got to charm all the ladies there! Also, for those following the blog...both boys are well now, though they each have this lingering cough from time to time. Daniel's coughs make us wonder if he is dying (they are VERY extreme) sometimes, but he isn't of course and recovers from them afterward. The great news is though that they did not seem to contract RSV and got over their colds as full term babies would, so that is wonderful! When they left the hospital, we were concerned that they may have further problems, but so far they have been normal healthy babies, of which we are very thankful! Thanks for all your prayers when they were sick!

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