Sunday, April 06, 2008

Recent Pictures

Today in the afternoon it started hailing and then afterward we got this beautiful rainbow outside our front door.

Here is my cousin Daniel holding our Daniel after the memorial service for my Grandpa last Wednesday. He and his wife Natalie have a little girl named Evelyn and it is clear that they are also hoping for a boy one of these days. They were both having fun gooing and gahing at little Daniel, who incidentally is sick now. He has had a bad cold, but I think he is on the tail end of it now. Tomorrow we go in for the boy's 4 month appointment, so I will post something on that soon!

This is a picture of my Aunt Genny with Daniel. At the time, I was feeding Caleb and so I didn't manage to get pictures of people holding Caleb as well, but he was there! I really didn't take many pictures as I was trying to visit with people as well as take care of the babies and doing my best to stay awake as well!

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