Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Both Smiling Together!

Yesterday, Sharel (my babysitter during lessons) was able to get a shot of both the boys smiling together, which as my husband would say is a "rare spawn." For those of you who play online role-playing games, that phrase would mean something to you.

Here is a close-up of our smiley Daniel boy. I have noticed recently he has been putting his hands up near his face more. And certainly when he is super hungry, he moves a lot more too. Normally, he is sort of sedentary, not as wirey as his brother.

Caleb has been smiling a lot more of late and also has been cooing up a storm! In fact, last night rather than crying to wake me up, he was talking to himself, cooing and gooing away. It was really cute! When I came in the room, he smiled really big too! I might add that all his talking woke up his brother who was also ready to feed at the very early time of 1am this morning. Ugh! I had just fallen asleep probably around 10:30pm. Oh well, this worked out in a way because then I had my larger chunk of sleep from 2:45am to 6:00am when Daniel woke me up again and so I feel more rested this morning than usual.

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