Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gabe & Stacy's Wedding

This past weekend I went to my cousin Gabe's wedding. The wedding was outdoors at Stacy's parent's home in Battle Ground, WA and I went down with my parents and Naomi. It was nice visiting with some of my cousins on the Walker side and it was fun to see Gabe marry his sweetheart as well!

Here is an unusually good picture of me, so I thought I would include it! :) Naomi was a big hit with many of the people at the reception too. No one can resist the cuteness! My Grandma Margaret was there and she was very happy to see the baby again and play with her. She also got to feed her some cereal at one point too.

Miss Cutie-Pie is here with Grandpa trying to beat the heat with her cute little hat in the shade. We didn't really get to hear the ceremony because I thought it best to sit in the shade for the sake of the baby and the shade was too far away to hear anything. We got to see it all from our vantage point though!

I laid Miss Naomi in the cool grass and she enjoyed that for a bit too. It made for some lovely pictures of our sweet baby girl.

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Daniel and Natalie said...

Naomi is so big and beautiful! Loved seeing these of you all the next post of the park day as well. We like to hit the community things too!