Saturday, August 07, 2010

Naomi Update & Fun Park Day

Last Wednesday, I gave Naomi her first bit of solid food, some very watered down baby oatmeal. She had fun tasting it, trying to reach for the spoon, and sticking her tongue out. At the end when she had had enough, she started to do the raspberry and tried to spray the oatmeal all over the place. I have some cute video of her too as I was feeding her with her brothers giving plenty of commentary in the background.

Naomi is our first baby that really doesn't seem to mind tummy time too much. She in fact rolls over often and hangs out there for long periods of time kicking her feet and trying to reach objects in front of her. She does get mad eventually and can sometimes roll herself back to her back, but most of the time I still have to help her get to her back at this point. She is already in 6-9 month clothes now! We get many comments from people about how calm and content she seems. Thankfully, I am glad she lives up to the meaning of her name (pleasant...though it also means beautiful and she is both). I was making the observation the other day that it made sense why the Naomi of the Bible changed her name to Mara....because people would associate the meaning of the name as they heard it and so the fact that Naomi was "pleasant" when she wasn't feeling so pleasant was probably salt in the wound for her, hence her desire for a name change to reflect her state of being (Mara means bitter).

We went to Bradley Lake park yesterday and met up with friends to hang out for a bit. Josiah's friend Hannah and Elijah came as well as Elijah's siblings and his mom and our babysitter Laura (Hannah's sister) and her mom. It was quite a crew and between all of us we had 9 children to look after. This picture was funny to me because Josiah has this satisfied look on his face holding Hannah's hand and Elijah appears to be upset about that, but the saying on his shirt says it all as if he is thinking, "Well it doesn't matter because 'I'm out of your league' anyway!" Later Josiah held his hand too and the three were very cute trekking along the trail together.

Daniel was showing his muscles pushing my friend Jasmine's twins in their stroller! He didn't go too far, but he actually was able to push them by his lonesome! Go mighty Daniel!

Adriel is in the back and he would holler at me everytime I stopped the stroller, but Mathias in the front was really tired and was falling asleep on our walk around the lake.

Daniel and Caleb were in their usual form exploring and having a grand old time. Caleb of course found a stick to carry around on the journey. I didn't include the picture, but there is a funny shot of Josiah and Hannah walking hand in hand where Josiah saw some poop on the ground and yelled, "Don't step in the poop," and guided Hannah away from it. Too cute! It was fun to be out with friends and all the kids seemed to have a great time!

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