Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pool Time!

We had so much fun the first time we went to Stewart Heights Park Pool at Colin & Taylor's birthday party, that on a whim I decided to make a trip back there this afternoon after the twins' nap, since it was so warm and nice. My Dad wanted to come in and be with the kiddos anyway, so it worked perfectly to have him join us for fun in the "big water" as Daniel likes to call it.

Grandpa is monitoring all threee boys here. I had the idea to have him bring the life jackets they have for them for the boat, so that they would be just a little safer with all the other people in the water. The rule is that an adult has to be at arm's length of any children seven and under, and so our three fit the bill for sure!

Josiah was doing pretty well on his own though and with the life jacket, I think it made him more confident to try certain things, like floating for instance. He had his googles, but only truly used them once underwater when Grandpa dunked him. Needless to say, he didn't like being dunked, so the googles were just for looks apparently! I really think it was good for Josiah to have a positive experience with a pool though and that bodes well for the day when we will get him some swimming lessons I am sure!

This shot typifies the twins' glee about being in the water. Caleb would wade out as far as his little feet would take him and then he would get scared and gasp for air (though he wasn't sinking) and freak out a bit until he was "rescued." I would hold the twins by the front of their jackets and pull them along in the water together and they really enjoyed that. As a side note, baby girl was asleep most of the time in her carseat, which was in the stroller. I found some shade and parked her there and Grandpa and I took turns going in the water with the boys.

A nice close-up of sweet Caleb-ee!

A nice close-up of Daniel-ee!

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