Sunday, August 01, 2010

Summer Fun with Family

My friend Mara made this LOVELY dress and hat for Miss Naomi and I just HAD to document the occasion of her first wearing of it! I recently moved her into her 6-9 month clothes as the 3-6 month clothes were getting to short for her long, little body. I have to roll up the pants and sleeves of some of the new outfits, but I like them to fit a litte looser anyway. You may not be able to tell too readily from the picture, but the hat is a little small for her. Our kiddos tend to have big heads (compliments of their Daddy), so the hat didn't stay on too long, though it was so cute! Thanks again Mara for the beautiful dress! When you hold her up in it the layers of the dress look like little pedals of a flower. So cute!

Josiah is being silly here. While we were gone one evening our babysitter Laura took these outside pictures of the boys. She taught Josiah to do the peace sign pose and of course he also had to have this other arm like a monkey, just to be unique!

Caleb is sporting his serious face here that he gets most any time he is really enjoying himself. We get smiles from him too of course, but this is his standard face when he is really concentrating on something.

Apparently, the apple fell from the tree and now he wants to put it back!

I did say I wanted to potty train the boys this summer, but this is ridiculous! Not what I had in mind Daniel-ee!

"Mom....please, no more potty training references on the blog....I may have a girlfriend someday that will read this!"


We accidentally left the kitchen gate open and heard some shuffling around and came to find the twins playing in Naomi's playpen.

And here is our very under-pictured, loyal Autralian Shepherd/Border Collie dog, Echo. She loves to herd the boys around the yard, chew up any toys or paraphenalia left out in the yard, chase the ball with the master, lick and jump on any visitor that should come through the door, bark and whine at piano music (my personal "favorite"), and chase all the giraffes, shadows, or other creatures out of our yard. She is a very good family dog and we are blessed to have her!


Missy said...

That outfit is incredibly adorable! Your friend has some definite talent.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing little Naomi in her butterfly petal dress. I am kicking myself for not making one for Melody. I guess I still could... :0) Thanks for sharing it.