Monday, August 23, 2010

Milton Event & First Pool Experience

Almost every year, we attend the Milton annual summer picnic in the park complete with a parade, bouncy houses, free food, & other fun activities. The boys are looking off into the distance at the parade that is coming down the road. It is a small parade, but the kids enjoy it. Mostly political party candidates walking with signs, councilmen and leaders of the town in cars, and the police and fire trucks.

The local Boy Scouts troup set up this suspension bridge near the parade route and Josiah went over it by himself, not once, but TWICE! First, he went over with Daddy watching and then Mommy insisted we get some pictures and convinced him to go on it again. He is giving his shy, "I'm proud of myself, but don't want to admit it," smile here.

And as always, our sweet Caleb-ee was very quick to find a stick and is saying, "A STICK," here to let me know!

Naomi slept through most of the festivities, but her eyes popped out from sleepy land for a bit when the loud trucks honked their horns or blared their sirens. She took inventory and looked like she might cry, but Mommy comforted her and all was well.

There is this rather steep hill at the park that the kids all slide down on cardboard scraps. Daniel would lose his cardboard piece and then proceed to do as pictured and scoot down the hill on his bottom. Can we say grass stains? Umm...yeah! Caleb actually figured it out by the end and was going up by himself and coming down on the cardboard. He couldn't be more proud of himself! In this picture, the twins are in the front and Josiah is at the top of the hill.

To top off a fun day in the park (after our hot dog and chip meal), Daddy got some snow cones to share. The big plus about all this activity was that immediately upon arriving home, we had three tuckered boys who all went down for a nice, long nap!
Later this evening, we went to Colin & Taylor's 4th b-day party (Thanks to my friend Sarah for inviting us) at Stewart Heights Park Pool in Tacoma. I wish I would have taken some pictures, but I was busy swimming with the boys. Daddy stayed dry and watched the baby, but he also took some video of us all in the water, and we have that posted on FB (it is too big to post here). The boys absolutely LOVED going in the water though! And afterward Daniel kept saying, "I wan(t) BIG WATER!" Caleb was shivering he was so cold, as it was in the evening afterall, but as long as we stayed about chest high in the water, he was OK. Josiah was walking around the wading pool telling me, "Look Momma, I'm swimming," and we informed him that indeed that was not swimming! The one thing I couldn't get them all to do was to dunk their heads in the water. I plan to take them back a few more times if I can this summer though and get them more experience playing in the "big water." Here is a link to the video on youtube.

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