Monday, February 18, 2008

Cute Little Heartbreakers

I finally managed to use a gift card from Old Navy that I received from my friend Darcy and among the things I purchased were these cute little outfits that if you look closely say "Heartbreaker" on them. I thought they were fitting for our adorable little boys! It is getting closer to where they are alert at the same time, but this is usually after one has been fed and the other is hungry. Can you tell who has been fed and who is waiting to be fed? Daniel says "Picture, smicture...I want my food!" Caleb is giving his condolences, "Sorry man, I am just going along with the Momma."

To calm our little crying one down to get a few more pictures, Momma retrieved the pacifer and as you can see Daniel's face is a bit less red in this shot.

It seems that our little ones have been able to stave off the illness we all had and I am thankful for that. They have been a little cranky here and there and we have had some spit up incidents from both that seem more like throw up incidents, but they have not had fevers, excessive nose runs, or refused feedings, so I think we are OK! Thanks for the prayers for them though as I am sure they have helped to keep them protected from this.

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