Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day Date!

This weekend we let my parents to take Josiah to their house, so that David and I could have a little respite (at least what we could with 2 month old twins at home anyway) and get away on a date as well. We had someone come over to watch the twins of course, and went out to a nice Italian restaurant that we like called Mama Stortini's (YUM) and also spent some time wandering around the Southcenter Mall as well for fun. It was most excellent to get out and do something adult-like!! We bought a jigsaw puzzle to do over the weekend (something we used to do a lot when we were engaged) and managed to get the 1,000 piece puzzle done by sometime Sunday morning.

I am not sure if I mentioned on the previous post, but after Josiah got sick with a nasty cold, both David and I got it as well. We both had high fevers and sinus gunk for a bit, but thankfully with the extra rest we got this weekend, we are both doing SO much better!

I also have a funny Heather-ism (that is what we call them around here) to share. This is where I combine various sayings that shouldn't be combined. The most famous of these is "I crashed like a light." Of course there are the sayings "I'm out like a light," or "I crashed at so and so's house." However, in my tiredness one day I combined the two and David noticed right away and corrected me, and we laughed about it long afterward. The newest story is below, but first I will give a little background for reference points to the story.

As many of you might know, I have been pumping milk to give to the twins (since they were born so young and had issues breastfeeding at first). Incidentally, I am working on getting them to breastfeed, but they aren't fully there yet, so I still am pumping around 5 times a day usually. A set of parts you use in pumping are called "horns," which have an obvious place to be attached to, and a common phrase for ladies who are stopping the pumping process say they are "hanging up the horns." I tell you this for the punch line later in case you didn't know the term.

I mentioned above that we had all been sick, and I was VERY tired the day this happened and I was so tired in fact that I probably could have fallen asleep pumping (which is hard to do!) As I was washing the pump parts afterward, I was talking to David and below is the dialogue:

Me: "Now I REALLY know what it is like to fall asleep at the horn!"
David: "What?"
Me: (very emphatically) "You is a saying...Falling asleep at the horn!"
David: (laughing to himself) "No it isn't."
Me: "Yes it is....I know there is a phrase with a horn in it!"
David: (goes to his computer for Googling) " is definitely NOT a saying."
Me: (laughing hysterically nearly falling down) "Now I KNOW there is a saying with the word horn in it!"

Later of course we established there are the sayings, "Falling asleep at the helm" or "Falling asleep at the wheel," and also "Going around the horn," which I think is where I got the horn idea. And before I am dubbed the ditsy blonde, I will defend myself in saying that when I am tired I get a little dyslexic, so I would prefer no silly blonde joke remarks please!

The pictures above are of Daniel looking at the rings on his carseat and Caleb "sitting up" or actually propped up in the chair for you to see his cute little self. This picture to the left is of David's work station in our room, where sometimes a crying twin is brought so he can look at Daddy while he works. Sometimes they stop crying by just being near us in their seats and David also plays music for them, which they like a lot too. One of the stories David hears often told about him as a young boy is that he too wanted to be where the action was, and sat in his Dad's office a lot while he was working. Like father like sons I guess!

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