Saturday, February 09, 2008

Funny Wake-Up Call

For my wake-up call this morning, I heard Daniel crying. This is quite unusual because generally it is Caleb who wakes me up because he feeds first. Daniel was making enough of a raucous though that I thought I ought to check on him before getting his food ready. I came in and noticed that he had the blanket over his face because he had shimmied himself down towards the crib rails (we have them propped up at about a 30% grade). At first, I didn't notice that his feet were hanging out of the crib. After I adjusted the blanket, I left the room to go to the bathroom and he was still making noise. So I went back in and then noticed his feet hanging out and almost laughed out loud!
Needless to say, I decided that Daniel shouldn't be propped up as high as I had him before to avoid future incidents like this! Since he doesn't have reflux, for the time being he can be more level with the crib mattress now!

It appears that Daniel really does take after Mommy because when I get too hot in my bed, I too like to have my feet dangle out of the covers. I noted that he managed to get rid of one of his socks as well and I also do not like to wear socks to bed! It is so funny how babies have their own sense of humor even this early on!

Here is another picture of me and the boys!

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Cassie said...

Oh yeah, the girls have done that before. I remember when Jack came running into the bathroom (he likes to check on them in the morning after he wakes up) just yelling and yelling that Megan was falling out of bed. I told him it wasn't possible but went in to check anyway and there she was with her legs hanging out.