Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Month Check-Up

Today was the babes two month check-up, and again the doctor was very pleased with their progress. We have determined that little Caleb (pictured above here) does have acid reflux and we got some medicine for him to give him some relief, which I hope will help out! He seems to be sleeping more peacefully now, but we shall see over time if the medicine is working. Caleb weighed in today at 8 pounds and 6 oz. (1 pound 10 oz. gain from Jan. 17th) and was 21.05 inches long.
Daniel is still our little chunky one and he weighed in at 9 pounds .5 oz (1 pound 12.5 oz gain from Jan. 17th) and was 21.65 inches long. Daniel is now in the 5th percentile for other children his age! Caleb doesn't fall onto the chart yet, but will soon I am sure! We got these cute little onesies from our friend Jee (she works with David) and I wanted to get a picture of them side by side in them, but it wasn't to be. Caleb got Tylenol all over his (we gave it before the visit to ease the pain of the immunizations they received) and later Daniel got his drenched in milk from a feeding. Sooo....I was glad at least that I managed to get these photos when I did!

Both babes got their shots today (5 in all-UGH) and neither one of them liked them (hey, would you?) Caleb turned beet red and stopped breathing for a second because he was so mad. Afterward, he just stared up at the ceiling with this numbing look of,"Why did they do that to me?" Then when I put him back in his carseat he let out a pitiful Caleb wail that made us all feel sorry for him. Daniel also turned beet red and did the stop breathing deal while crying as well, but all the while was vigorously sucking on his pacifier. So it went like this,"WAAH, (suck), WAAH, (suck), etc." When he cries his tongue touches the roof of his mouth, which makes his cry sort of muffled sounding. Both boys slept a lot after the visit and didn't have an adverse reactions to the shots.

I might add it is QUITE an ordeal to take the babies AND Josiah someplace! (We were dropping Mr. J off at a friend's house before the visit). I am sure you can imagine. However, I woke up at 3am today to feed the little guys and after pumping and preparing the bottles it was around 5am. Their next feeding was 6am and so I just stayed awake and then Josiah was up at 6am too, so I got him some breakfast and fed the babies again and was done by around 7:15am or so. Then I had to "prepare" everyone for leaving and somehow I still didn't have enough time to get everything ready perfectly on time, but we arrived at the doctor right on the dot at 9am. Sheesh! Quite a production indeed! And for those of you who know me, on time equals early to me, so it raises the stress level a bit to be just barely on time to things. I might add that I would have asked David for help, but this was his shift to sleep (of which he only got 4 1/2 hours anyway) and so I opted to do all the preparations myself so that he could sleep as long as possible before we went to the appointment.


Larraine said...

Three such beautiful boys. The twins have filled out and just look so healthy and alert. I compared the two-month photo of Josiah with the one of Daniel and, even more than the newborn pictures, these are almost interchangeable. I know there are many differences between them, more evident to those who see the boys in person and together, but to me Josiah and Daniel could be the twins! Well....except for the three year difference in know what I mean......?

Mary Janelle said...

Congratulations! My girls go in the end of this month for their 4 mo. checkup, and that's my goal -- that at least one of them gets on the charts. Everybody looks healthy and beautiful!